Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am member of a website called Polyvore. It might be shut down, and this is something I wrote to include with my signature on an online petition:
Polyvore has become something of an online home to me. I go there to release feelings and express myself. Polyvore cannot be taken away from me, and I know that Polyvore serves an important purpose to hundreds of other people as well as myself. Polyvore is not, to me, a place to play. When I go to Polyvore, I see it as somewhere to create something beautiful. Don't take away the chance for so many amazing things to be introduced to our world. What good will come of it? Polyvore creates a place of solace to me, where I don't have to worry about anything other than whether to put a necklace here or there on my computer screen. I treasure that feeling. Feedback on Polyvore means a lot. Being able to get it means more.
On Polyvore, we are not claiming copyrighted artwork to be our own. We are interpreting it in our own way, and, combined with the other things we use, almost making it our own. If someone is saying something is theirs, Polyvore can punish them. Don't punish a community of creative people for the acts of a handful of others.
Obviously, a lot of people care about Polyvore. Would you rather hurt them, or ban a few people from using Polyvore because of copyright infringement?
Think about it, please.

I have to credit Zacarata on Polyvore ( for the picture above.